Designing the Aisle

Outdoor Wedding Aisle Runners

Planning an outdoor wedding? Our fabric works great on a number of different outside surfaces. For an outdoor wedding aisle runner to look great, it first needs to be durable. Our real, fabric runners meet that challenge!

Bride and groom standing under a wedding altar.
Aisle runner stretching down the aisle on a sandy beach.
Aisle runner on gravel.
Aisle runner on wood.
Aisle runner on brick

By hosting your wedding outdoors, you have even more freedom to design your ceremony. Since you’re not limited to the length of the aisle an indoor facility provides, you can start an aisle-covered runway well before you reach the guest seating area. And you can personalize that runway or keep your monograms and special wording for the area where your guests are seated.

But at the center of it all, you’ll have an unique, outdoor wedding aisle runner to complement your design and color theme.

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