In the wedding industry since 1995 and personalizing aisle runners since 2006, we are a small, family business now located in central Florida. Our approach has always been simple, yet classic. We assess your unique requirements and help you express your personal style throughout the design process.

Your wedding will be one of the most important events in your life and we know you want it to be perfect. We look forward to putting your details into reality to make your wedding the special day you've dreamed about.

Our multi-surface, fabric aisle runners are made of a high-quality cotton polyester fabric and are available in White or Ivory. Contact us for free samples of our fabric. Below are more details about our fabric and us!

  • Our fabric is backed with an acrylic coating that adds stability to the runner and blocks the color of the flooring from showing through.

  • Our standard width runner is 42 inches, but other widths are also available, please ask.

  • Our fabric doesn't rip, doesn't tear and is dry cleanable.

  • We do not sell our runners on other websites or through online global stores or Marketplaces. You work directly with us, there is no middle-man.

  • No deposit or down payment needed.

  • Our reviews are independently held and verified by

On the wedding day, here are a few options on how and where to place the aisle runner:

At the Ceremony

Secure the top edge of the runner in place. Then, have your groomsmen gently pull the cording and allow the runner to unroll slowly.

Another option: Fully extend the aisle runner before your guests arrive. This allows time for the aisle runner to be decorated with petals, flowers, leaves, sea shells, etc. Drape ribbon attached to the last row of pews or chairs across the aisle to encourage your guests not to walk on your runner. Have your groomsmen escort your guests by the side aisles.

After the Ceremony

Cut out the painted section, take it to the reception and drape it over its own table. Put out pens for guests to sign the runner and write their good wishes to the bride and groom. Or cut out the painted area, hang on a decorative curtain rod or have it framed.

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